Glenburn Township General Information

Quick Facts

Population: 1,246
Square Miles: 4.9
Density/Square Miles: 265.1
School District: Abington Heights
Low Elevation: 980
Location: Glenburn Pond Creek at Dalton
High Elevation: 1,380
Location: Captain White Hill

Secretary/Treasurer:  Bernadette Menendez
Solicitor: Malcolm MacGregor
Engineer: BCM Engineers
Real Estate Tax: Georgiann Eccleston
Wage Tax: Berkheimer Assoc.
SEO: Dave Lamereaux or Gary Wilding
Road Master:  Mark Hopkins
Municipal Meeting: Third Monday of each month, 7:30 PM at the Municipal Building.

Board of Supervisors

Michael Savitsky (C)
Dave Jennings Jr.
William Wicks

Planning Commission

Thomas Wicks (C)                  Alternate Member: Thad Kenney
Mike Williamson
Beth Scialpi
Michael Johnson
Peter Smith
Ed Osman
Marilyn Druck

Zoning Hearing Board

Don Webster (C)
Gretchen Jennings
Frank Berardelli

Solicitor: Bill Blaum
Zoning Officer: Tom Wicks

Planning Commission Meeting:  7PM First Weds. of Month at Municipal Bldg. as needed


Population under 18: 269
Population 65 and above: 212
% High School Graduates: 96%
% College Graduates: 42%
Households: 498
Median Age: 46.3
Average Household Size: 2.5

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